Top Sites to Order Food Online and Earn Extra Money

Top Sites to Order Food Online and Earn Extra Money

It’s true that with the unstoppable march of the Internet, ordering food online — like buying shoes or clothes from the virtual marketplace – is quite the rage these days. Be it pizzas, biryani, your favorite tandoori chicken, hamburgers or nachos, you can get it all at your doorstep at the click of a mouse. However, those who regularly buy food online are also aware of the rising costs and are perpetually on the lookout for discount coupons or cashbacks that help them reduce their credit card burden. This is where Galanation comes in to help you out. It’s one of India’s leading cashback sites that helps you connect with some of the leading food service retailers like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Chaipoint, Travelkhana, Beharouz Biriyani, Dominos, Swiggy, Faasos and Pizzahut, to name a few.

Joining Galanation is free and you just need to register with your e-mail ID, password and mobile number and the registration happens instantly. After registering, click on any of the above mentioned sites through Galanation to get the relevant cashback offered. Your particular cashback gets tracked in 60 hours. The confirmation comes through subsequently within four to twelve weeks. You receive the relevant notification by SMS and redeem instantly. It’s really simple!

Take McDonald’s for instance. Mc Donald’s currently has over 250 outlets across the Indian sub-continent and has led the food services retailing movement in India for a period of over 15 years. Take your pick from the Mc Aloo Tikkis, the Breakfast Feast, Happy Meals on Happy Wheels, Burgers or even opt for large party orders. All at discounted prices through the cashback system that Galanation offers. You not only get food products of the highest quality served in a jiffy but at affordable prices as well.

Your relationship with Galanation is most uncomplicated. You just create your account with us and login. Click on any shopping site of your choice through us and make the purchase, The retailer pays us a commission that we hand over to you as a cashback. So for you, it’s a win-win situation all the way!

The following are the restaurant cashback/discount offers currently available through Galanation:

Dominos Pizzas
Beharouz Biriyani

However, you need to remember that should you cancel the booking, you will not be eligible for cashback. Moreover, in order to ensure that the cashback tracks correctly, click out of Galanation before making the booking. In order to prevent the disappointment of a failed cashback, complete the sale transaction in the ongoing session after clicking on the restaurant site via Galanation. Only those coupons available on Galanation are eligible and excludes taxes, and delivery charges. Make sure to add the relevant coupons to your cart after moving out of Galanation or else the cashback won’t get credited to your account. Missing cashback tickets may be raised for the transaction within ten days of the buying date and any missing ticket notification raised after ten days will not be worthy of consideration.

A missing cashback ticket is reflected in the relevant account in 45 days and takes 90 days for confirmation to your account. Also, it is advisable not to surf any other deal or coupon or price comparison site in the period between moving out of Galanation & ordering from the retailer’s site. This will lead to the sale not being considered and cashback shall not be available.

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