Must have Wardrobe Accessories for College Wear

Must have Wardrobe Accessories for College Wear

Now that you are in college, you are finally free of that boring high school uniform that you had to wear everyday. As a fresh college kid, however, you now need a new wardrobe that’s not only trendy but is also comfortable and within your budget. The advantage is that with changed fashion trends, most clothes worn by college goers are unisex and are wearable by both males and females. When you start organizing your college wardrobe, log into, a website that connects you with all the major ecommerce sites that offer a huge variety of clothes. Moreover, since most college goers have to survive on shoestring budgets, this site will help you get some extra cashbacks and discounts over and above  what the principal sites are offering. This is what you need to have an effective college wardrobe:

Jeans: The very basic item of any freshman’s wardrobe. Look for the right fit and keep adding to your collection of different styles and washes. Looks cool with any body hugging or loose top or shirt.

Formal Dresses: Advised for college festivals, dances and dates. It can be the standard little black dress or of any color that enhances the tone of your skin. A good fit is a must. Remember, a dress must look like a dress and not a sack.

Button down white shirt: A must for both sexes. Looks trendy with both jeans and formal trousers. White, being a neutral color, is wearable with a trouser of any color. Useful for both formal and informal occasions.

Cardigans, tank tops & tees: Keep a few tank tops or tees of different lengths. Black, grey, white and royal blue are the ideal colors. You can wear them in summer or even in winter under your cardigans, long-sleeved tops and jackets. 100% cotton is advisable so that these don’t cling to your body like some blended fabrics do. Try and avoid cashmere sweaters as you probably won’t get the chance to get them dry cleaned.

Ties & Suit: A few select ties, either in stripes or small prints may be kept in the young gentleman’s wardrobe for formal occasions such as seminars, graduation ceremonies and on campus recruitment interviews. Remember, your tie reflects your taste and a loud tie sticks out like a sore thumb. Similarly, a well cut suit in either gray or black is wearable on all occasions. Looks good, too.  

 Dressy Tops: Fun fabrics, cute floral prints and/or bright colors make the ideal top. Wear one with a spring/ fall jacket or with jeans with appropriate footwear to a dorm party. Avoid see-through tops, low-cuts or the very body hugging types.

Dress Pants: A pair of dress pants in dark grey, navy blue or black should be part of your wardrobe for recruiting sessions and job interviews. They should ideally be long enough to go with heels. Floor sweepers are best avoided.

The Right Footwear: Flat shoes, slippers, flip flops, sneakers and a formal pair of black and/or brown are again ideal components of the young college goers’ wardrobe.

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