Importance of reading among teenagers

Importance of reading among teenagers

You must have heard about a very famous saying “books are your best friend”. There was a time when there were little sources of entertainment, and then children would sit with their grandparents and grandparents read out stories. Sadly times have changed now; books are losing their important due to more technological devices such as tablets, game stations, TV etc. However, parents of young kids and teenagers must realise that reading is still very important. New and interesting books can be purchased from online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart at discounted price with the help of coupons.

Following are few of the benefits of reading

Provides information-Books are an excellent source of first-hand information. Reading can be very enjoyable if it provides facts and information about something which your teen is interested in. Fiction books are also very popular among children. It helps in boarding your child’s horizon and make them learn new and interesting things

Helps in improving literacy- Reading helps in improving many dimensions of literacy. Reading is the best way to learn a language. By reading a variety of books, children are exposed to new vocabulary, sentence formation and help them improve their grammar and spellings.

Excellent hobby and source of entertainment-If your child has an interest in reading then he can pick up reading as a hobby which can pave his/her way for a successful career in the future. There are lots of professions which are related to books, such as a writer, artist, and publisher and so on and so forth. Now days there are a huge variety of books available for teens, these consist of comics books, picture books, visual books, poster books, encyclopaedia therefore it’s a great source of entertainment along with information.

Diverts teenagers from inappropriate content-Unfortunately, now days our teens are knowingly or unknowingly are subjected to inappropriate content via, television, and internet, reading is a great way to divert them from such inappropriate content and make them concentrate in more productive ways. There are different types of books and the kind of books which your teen is reading can be monitored and can be restricted to their age. There are many online book stores such as Flipkart and amazon where you can buy books at a discount by using coupons.

Other than these reasons there is several reasons, which prove that reading can prove to be an excellent exercise for your teenager which has several benefits for their present as well as for their future.

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