White, lemonade, mango, shadow and breeze are a few of things which soothe the mind in the summer. Summer may give us a lot of sweat and tiredness but it is also a season of happy times. We get vacations and we all know how we thrive to have one! In this season of holidays, many take the advantages of the mornings to have fun in the beach or go to a summer picnic. And the cool breeze in the evening makes you feel like staying outside the whole night. A lot of outings need a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories. And girls, in the summer, we have loads of options to choose from – being it a white kurti suited with a dark-colored palazzos or a flare floral-printed skirt with a blouse with a fringed flats! Excited, aren’t you? Let’s discuss then!

Breezy Shift Dress

Summer it is. And the body desires light things – being it color or material. How about a knee-length breezy shift dress enough to let the breeze come in? This is perfect for summer brunches paired with a pair of bellies and colored hat (if you prefer). It might become your go-anywhere dress for the whole summer accessorized minimally. It’s your all purpose one-piece you were looking for since eternity.

Pleated Shorts

What I personally feel is that the shorts are really comfy and staple. But, why would we go with same style everything? How about a little touch of school-girl skirt in your shorts? Yes, I’m talking about pleated shorts. Nicely tailored, classic, formal and definitely not-too-short! This will keep you cool and acceptable enough to go on wearing it anywhere, office or movies!

Crop Tops

We all know our love for crop tops paired with a pair of jeans or shorts or even a pencil skirt. And crop tops have become a sensation for the fashionistas. Full sleeves, half sleeves or even off-shoulder ones, your call! Too feminine, little flirty and excessive cool in the heat – what do you need more to love? If you’ve got a problem with the length, just pair it with high waist jeans or even side-cut midi skirts! For the cute short girls, it’s got a bonanza for you.

Tassels Earrings

Oh, how much I wish to have them in my collection? Do you have one? Tassels earrings are so good to go with anything! Pair it with a small flare dress, shorts, kurti and what not! It’s a must have thing in your summer collection of 2k17. Go and buy one with our shopping coupons!

White Blazer

White is the color of peace. But, the fashionistas say, “White is the color of cool.” If you’re an office-goer, you need to buy a white blazer soon. It protects you from the sun as well as keeps you cool because of the color. It’s perfect for a linen version, which is comfy as it is a bit lighter and airier at the same time. Give yourself a sophisticated summer vibe!

Sling Bags / Cute Backpacks

In this hot summer, a big tote is never a good idea. If it’s really urgent to take a lot of things, then only go for it. Otherwise, go for a colorful sling bag or a cute backpack. It would increase the aura of your personality. Never forget to carry a small bottle of water, tissue papers, sunscreen lotions and your essentials. That was an added tip, though.


Chokers are so-much loved nowadays. But, try to avoid them in the summer because it actually chokes your neck. Jokes apart, you can rather go with nice upside hairdos with hair accessories. Go with a sleek golden bracelet, stylish rings or a pair of anklets if you want to accessorize you.

Fringed Flats

Leathered shoes are very not a good idea in this scorching heat. Rather, go with a pair of fringed flats accessorized with beautiful white flare dress or or a pair ankle-length jeans. They make you look casual and stylish simultaneously! Try it out, what’s say?

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