Why Buying Directly from Ecommerce Sites Is a Cool Idea?

Why Buying Directly from Ecommerce Sites Is a Cool Idea?

As a customer—prospective or real– you are the king. And this is exactly the principle on which e commerce sites function. Buying from ecommerce sites, therefore, makes better sense because of the following reasons:

24×7 support: As a customer, you can make enquiries or do transactions for any service or product that the site provides from anywhere and at any time. Their shop is perpetually open for you and your time is theirs as against brick and mortar shops that down shutters after pre-determined working hours.

Endless options: Any E-Commerce platform will offer you more options on the products that you want to buy and ensure quicker delivery as well. Not only do you get the best bargains but you also have the privilege of making price and quality comparisons and finally honing in on the cheapest and best option. Now, that sure makes you feel good.

Cashbacks and Discounts: As competition in the virtual marketplace spirals, more and more ecommerce sites are perpetually offering cashbacks and discounts on their products. Galanation.com, for instance, is one of India’s most popular online coupon and cashback site. You just need to register with it and save your valuable money as you shop from the best online sites like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart and others. As a Galantion.com member, you are guaranteed the highest cashback with every order that you place through the site; you have the additional advantage of the latest offers and coupon codes; you get to earn a recharge when you shop at Flipkart through Galanation; the minimum redeemable amount can be as paltry as Rs 10; and there is also a plethora of other convenient options for redemption.

Look Before You Leap: All ecommerce sites carry review comments from customers on their products which will enable you to get a feel of the product that you are about to buy. This surely helps in making the right choice and you don’t end up with a product that you will eventually dislike.

Return to the Sender: The biggest advantage of E-Commerce is that it gives you the option of returning a product within 30 days with a full refund should you find it unsuitable after receiving it. This is not a facility that most brick and mortar establishments offer. Your money, therefore, remains protected.

The Social Advantage:  As a patron of e commerce, you are actually doing a service to society. As you shop from home, you are actually reducing road traffic and lowering air pollution, a major concern in today’s world. The concept of e-commerce has largely helped in reducing costs of luxury products thus making it accessible to the lesser affluent classes of society. Moreover, people from rural areas are able to access products and services which were hitherto unavailable to them and this has improved their quality of life substantially. By and large, e commerce has also helped governments to deliver essential public services such as education, healthcare and other social services at relatively lower costs

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